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Peter Morgan – Testimonial

Following our meeting on Tuesday 14th of November 2017 to have my 3 monthly inspection & consultation post spinal surgery I felt it only right to put down in writing the success of the operation you performed and how well my progress has been in just the first three months.

Firstly just to confirm before the operation not only had I suffered with constant pain for 18 months but I had also started to fall over without any prior warning, having been a very fit & sporty person for most of my years to say my life was depressing would be an understatement, below is my statement of how the operation went and how I feel to date.

My operation on the 30th of August 2017 was the first one in the morning which I believe was a new procedure which consisted of keyhole surgery through my right hand side to access all the areas around the bottom of my spine, by 3.30pm I was back in the ward recovering. I have to say I did recover fairly well and quickly from the operation so much so that I was allowed home the next day only 24hrs after major surgery.

The third day after my operation I manged a 15 minute walk around the streets close to home, when family and friends came to visit they were all taken at how well I looked and how quickly I had recovered from the surgery. I returned to work a week following my operation and started driving myself in the same week, the week after I drove to Birmingham (4 hours driving in total) for an urgent business meeting which could not be postponed.

The recovery has been excellent taking into consideration the type operation, I have not had any of the shooting leg pains and have not fallen over since the operation, a few weeks ago (6 weeks post-surgery) I managed to walk from Ilkley to Addingham and back again a total of approximately 4 miles.

I have suffered with some odd pains around my left hip joint during walking but my Hip Surgeon & Physio have confirmed that this is due to my back being re-aligned and so my body is getting used to the new posture of my spine and back.

I do suffer with lower back ache, sometimes around my Hip joint and sometimes down my left leg to my ankle especially after sitting at my desk or driving my car however after five maybe ten minutes of standing up straight and then walking the aches and pains do ease off.

The aches and pains I suffer with at present are similar to ones I used to suffer from following a hard game of Racket Ball, Tennis and 4 hours of golf however I have taken the decision to ween myself off the Co-codamol tablets and are now relying on only Paracetamol which is probably one of the reasons for the ongoing aches & pains.

Three months after the operation I am walking normally and with a straight back, I am now looking forward to the next stage which is starting some Physio at St James Hospital and hopefully returning to playing racket Ball and Golf in the not too distant future.

I understand that the operation I have had is a new procedure and maybe under trial so I am more than happy for you to use my back problems and resulting operation as an example of what has been achieved and if I can be of any help or attend any meetings or discussions then I will be more than willing to assist.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for giving me my life back and helping me to return to some sort normality.

Yours Sincerely,
Peter Morgan

  • North American Spine Society
  • The Spine Journal
  • British Association Of Spine Surgeon